The meaning is the peace that only g’d can give. Believers, friends, visitors, and listener are members of the original beginning of man on this earth. Our strongest connection is Allah’s earth as human beings.

Man was created from the “Black sticky mud of the earth”. We as a human race should never accept an inferior connection for our human development. We should always hold the original standard first, and the highest in our intimate concerns.

After the first pattern we start identifying man as tribes and color. and differences, because of climate, and agriculture, and many other factors that uninformed man has implemented we should believe that he would not give all of his blessing to just one race.

Allah gave us all the original pattern from the earth, which allowed us to develop our own societies and communities. “What a wonderful Creator” we must stop begging for this society when we have all the tools that we need.

We should all want to be independent just as most human beings on earth have evolved.  Allah put us in a bad situation which he can bless us to come back to the top without having a slave master or some dictator controlling how we think, what we can, and cannot say. In history when corrupted man tampers with the soul of man, Allah always rescue with his prophets to bring the knowledge that liberates the people.

We have to leave the western culture’s myth, logic, mythology and aspirations that has enslaved and oppressed our people like animals on this earth. It doesn’t matter how high you can achieve in this society your soul is dissatisfied [because g’d made us all different so we can benefit each other], “ask Bill Cosby and Oprah Winfrey” the original Adam, male & female” that Allah created on this earth, was free to explore the environment as an independent mind.

All men that g’d created has the same essence from the earth, and there no special, man with something out of reach for the rest of us. If a brown man needs blood, he wants to get it from a monkey, he will take it from a Ku Klux Klan. If a black man needs an arm, he will take it from the worst bigot in the world. G’d have created male and female differently for the benefit of one another.

G’d created tribes and nations for the benefit of learning from one another for the good of mankind. [Isn’t that wonderful].

Allah knows every urge that he put in us and if we want to learn where man has gone wrong, we have to go through his holy prophets. Who is the culprit that forbids man from going after the wonderful bounties that are here for all of us? Man’s enemy who accumulates as many material things that he can find and teaches you that G’d only wants you to be a spiritual being.

The enemy of man teaches us not to pursue the material things in this life because it’s the devils handy work [from G’ds word] chapter 28, verse 77] from the holy Qur’an; but seek the abode of the hereafter in that Allah hath given you and neglect not your portion of the world, be you kind even as Allah has been kind to you and seek not corruption in the earth.

We should understand that G’d helped religious nations to discover most of the scientific discoveries, all though time, right up to the modern time. We are a people with one leg. Your culture has failed because culture has to have two legs that are rooted in the original pattern that all humans are evolving from.

If you neglect the established standards for human life, your culture will deform your society and open up for racism, bigot activity, demagogue, imperialism. If you take racism as your platform for the future the enemy will help you, because he knows you can’t establish yourself. Behind closed doors he laughs at us, because history has proven that racism has failed over and over time again.


Imam Bilal Omar

Al —Hajj ie, Tmam Bilal Omar

In service to Humanity


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