There is not a day that goes by where we are not faced with making choices. Choices to endure the hardships of life. For example, you are driving along enjoying yourself on a peaceful sunny day, when out of the blue you are cut off by an irate driver who’s driving behavior is sporadic, fast, and all over the place. You swerve before slowing down to avoid a major accident, and then out of nowhere a feeling of hostility rises in your chest. Out of your mouth precedes words of hostile rage and hatred. In that very moment you have gone from an angel of peace and love into a violent homicidal killer. And now, in your heart you’re raging inside with hostility running through your mind. So the words you begin to formulate in thoughts begin to manifest images in your mind’s eye. It’s like being at the theatre, you have begun to entertain thoughts which produce visual images of reciprocation and justice in your head. But these thoughts never turn out how you think they should. Something or someone is always left holding the bag. What bag you ask? The bag which carries with it pain and suffering. But we don’t think about these types of issues. Instead, we get all steamed up by the incident and the driver. There is nothing more you would like to do but run them down; giving that driver a little piece of your mind; rendering and returning to them what they just did to you. But, remember you have a choice to make.
Do we allow this incident to take us out of our comfort zone, destroying the very peace of mind we had, and the calm and relaxed spirit we were driving with just minutes before? I would certainly hope not. Or, do we allow ourselves to continue in rage and in bitterness for the rest of the day dragging these types of thing on inside us; as well as, creating contention with those who had nothing to do with any of these incidents in the first place? People, please let it go. Life is too short to hold onto that much guile and bitterness. Besides, at the end of the day, the only person who suffers (physically, psychologically, and spiritually) is you. Never give another person or their situations power over your life. You have a choice. Make the right decision, and you will live free of stress and poor health. It’s your choice. No one can make it for you. This is just one of many types of scenarios we go through on a daily basis. But, in the end, we have to decide how things will play out. Remember it’s your choice.
Salvation is a choice that one makes concerning his or her spiritual constitution in the promise of eternal life after escaping GOD’s wrath from being a sinful man. We are given a choice to receive this free gift or remain in opposition to this proclaimed promise. Salvation is when we have escaped the clutches of dead works of darkness which will bring the wrath of God – Death, and when we have embraced the things of the light through love. However, this is one choice which impacts a single individual’s life and mindset towards ones own existence: his relationship with others. Their relationship he or she has with others and everything else in the universe becomes a choice of life. Now you may not accept my ideals of salvation, but you must acknowledge that this too is your choice. I love you and there is nothing you can do about it

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